Video Conference

Collaboration Is Just One Call Away!

A stronger business foundation demands stronger connections which further demands access to latest devices and technology to hit the goal. Our company provides voice solutions to our clients via Video Conference as a mainstream method for collaboration or establishing important connections during business. Our video conferencing services can be used for cases of professional services, financial services, health care, legal, technological and nonprofit services. Collaborate with zest now with your colleagues, for conducting sales presentations, consulting with clients, providing online support, consulting with clients, marketing your business, conducting online training.

Our mainstream features include:

  • Universal Interoperability: Ease to join collaboration from any device leading to inter-operability.
  • Multi-Party Meetings and Large Events: Organize long hour conversations with multiple participants with a hassle free environment.
  • Global Cloud Service: Providing flexibility, migration becomes easier.
  • Rich, HD Content Sharing: Share your files or presentations with high definition provision.
  • Video Sharing: Get to uploading video files to share and play them later.
  • Recording Meetings: Record, watch and share your meetings later.
  • Secure Meetings: your meetings are secure with encryption, complete privacy and confidentiality.
  • Text Chat: Engage in text messages for private conversations.
  • Command Center: Provision Of Intelligence service as helpdesk for IT problems and other technical errors.
  • Customer Support & Success: 24/7 access to live customer support with 100% resolution.
  • Immersive Telepresence: Enjoy telepresence like never before with features like high speed interaction and stability.
  • Lightweight: Experience a lightweight hardware in any kind of room.

With surfacing intangible benefits of Video Conferencing, users are looking forward to more and more advanced technology in the services of video conferencing where we happen to fulfill every rising demand and wish of our clients for establishing a stronger sense of community and partnership among your business contacts is our shared vision for YOU.