IP Telephony

Communications Lasting Longer!

A noticeable feature of business and communications is that it is not a very confined field but a huge one expanding to places afar where larger connections and collaborations are meant to be established. IP Telephony services provided by our company cover all those requirements our business and communications clients are seeking for. Communication being the most integral part of any business is given a next level approach by our services where you get all the functions of an onsite phoning system. Our IP telephony services are covered through

  • Call processing
  • IP phones (wired, wireless and soft phones)

The powerful IP Telephony system comprises of these features:

  • Compatibility: Compatible with mobiles, tablets, laptops
  • Conferences: Conduct multiparty video meeting and record them.
  • Reliability: Provides business grade reliability and voice quality.
  • Performance: Runs with a smooth and faster performance.
  • Configurable solutions: End-to-end solutions that are customized and configurable
  • Cost effective: Keeping in consideration the low budget, these come in economical prices.
  • Functionality: the enhanced functionality includes intuitive and flexible desktop based control, easy and real time administration.
  • Accessibility: Access granted from any location with ease of use and deployment.
  • Convenience: convenient communication through voice or text messaging.
  • Employee Productivity: enhances employee productivity and agility.
  • Management: easy management of multiple devices from a single location.
  • Support: Easier access to customer support that is at your service 24/7 with 100% resolution rate.

Helping companies and organizations of all sizes (small, medium & large) for all kinds of communication, we keep up the pace with highly competent global commercial market fulfilling the visions of our clients to bring revolutionary and remarkable changes for the present and future generations.  Our solutions being 100% reliable and advanced can be sought after without a doubt in the present business era.