Server & Storage Solutions

micronet server and storage
The Hulk of Storage Capacity!

With ever enhancing technology and its management issues, a grave need for the virtualized zone of data arises for how to contain and house it. Our company looks after the needs of your company servers and storage issues with a rather easy outlook. Meeting all the challenges created by back and front offices where these cutting edge tools stand out, our servers and storage solutions address these issues by

  • Managing the storage assets
  • Managing the complex infrastructure
  • Monitoring customer loyalty
  • Leveraging big data and its analytics
  • Fulfillment and forecasting of supply chain execution

Our range of server and data storage systems have an exceptional package for delivering smooth performance, matchless reliability and a first-rate worth across data storage workplace solutions. The adaptable high capacity servers and storage, rack mount servers, premium workstations and custom configuration by our solutions happens to fit every business and organization demands.

Our affordable solutions have dependability and durability where every data server and storage systems have a feature of custom configuration.  The objective is to also offer high quality and great value file sharing and backup services reducing the amount of workload where large amount of data and long-term archiving is done.

Our company has a vast experience and deep domain knowledge when it comes to storage interconnect, storage target, platform engineering and host software where our experienced engineers also focus on design, support, development and maintenance services including dedicated server networking, server hosting & backup cloud technology.

Our deep understanding for industries and their business process has enables us to help companies interact with their partners with a view of 360 degree for their customers. The propriety framework, comprehensive IT solutions and enterprise application services deliver excellence in business process outsourcing where richer mobility experience makes information available with just one simple click to the right person at the right time.