CCTV Surveillance

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Stay Trouble Free With Our Surveillance

What can be more valuable than a peaceful mind that doesn’t have to worry about the efficiency of the security of their data and information stored in their systems across their enterprise or organization? Having a proper Surveillance system for your company comes as the topmost priority for the security of the organization. Create an automated, comprehensive and efficient digital surveillance environment that looks after all of your needs designed for small, medium or massive deployments. We assist you with our professionally trained and experienced team that knows deployment of surveillance with non detection ability, reliable capture of audio-video in a legalized manner. Using camera systems, Closed-Circuit TV (CCTV), and audio monitoring system with intercom speakers, we provide surveillance via:

  • Physical surveillance:
    • CCTVs & IP cameras
    • audio & hidden video surveillance
    • employee or customer surveillance
    • Single/multiple subject surveillance & many more.

We ensure you with full dependability with a variety of remarkable features listed below:

  • Easy Setup: Quick and easy set up for even a layman.
  • Real Time Footage: Reliable access to real time monitoring, recording, alarm notifications, playback and management.
  • Cost Efficient: Designed and developed keeping in consideration your low budgets, thus making it budget friendly.
  • Night Vision: With special enhancement in night vision, it enables capturing even at night.
  • Remote Monitoring: Monitor and access from anywhere in different modes with a number of channels to select from.
  • Wireless Networking System: Works smoothly & efficiently on both systems.
  • Interactive Control Buttons: Controls like pan/tilt/zoom made easy to use.
  • HD Recording: High definition capturing giving you clarity.
  • E Maps: Navigate using e-maps giving easier access to your employees and colleagues to different surveillance locations

Get unlimited access to your locations with our surveillance systems and stay worry free.