Security Solutions

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A world of business is a place where probability of fraud and duplicity always lurks in the dark and such situations always call for some strong security checks in the vicinity. Our company comes to your rescue when security solutions are most needed. Our high tech integrated security systems see to the requirement of any internal or external harm or deception being spotted right away. Our security solutions range in three categories – Access & Attendance Control, Surveillance and Biometric Machines with their application being in Organizations, Companies & Firms, Universities, Colleges, Banks, Hospitals and even your home. Let us help you understand our security solutions better.

Access & Attendance Control: With the fingerprint technology, stop falling prey to time theft and ‘buddy punching’ and get an access control to the time, attendance entry and sensitive areas of your organization. Now keeping track of those real time hour shifts and accurate attendance is not a time consuming and complicated calculative task, for our Access and Attendance Control simplifies your security solutions.
Surveillance: Whether you want to keep a track of activities of people, places, a property or important tasks, our specially designed surveillance cameras got it all covered with up-to-date technology that keeps your security needs under check. Capture with a great field of view, better resolution, features of night vision and motion detection and sound.
Biometric Machines: Eliminate the need of ID cards and pin numbers for our biometric machines provide matchless quality recognition of iris, facial, fingerprint, palm, voice & more preventing unauthorized access to your privatized places or offices. With our biometric machines being exceptionally secure, convenient and affordable, your quest to look further stops here at our doorstep.

You can count on us as we provide an environment where your better choices today mark the security of your life tomorrow!