Network Security Solutions

Micronet  Firewall-Solution

Stronger Security across Stronger Networks!

With weight of almost everything falling on technology, it’s become inevitable to stay doubtful when it concerns the safety and protection of necessary data, for most of the threats are viable only through weak security of network systems. Thus, as a most required step to be taken, our company has taken an initiative in the field of providing Network Security Solutions that are designed considering the needs in today’s network systems and their shortcomings. The vulnerabilities of any network system become the target of a cyber criminal and an easier access to your network can expose all your confidential information providing them an edge over using fake identities, thefts involving business secrets and necessary operations violating privacy law of your firm. To ensure that this vulnerability is tackled with, our network security offers solutions as described below:

  • Detection & Threat Insight: A thorough scan giving insight into all the threats like identification of exploits, command and control and attacker behavior.
  • Effective Block: Blocking threat as soon as they are detected with 100% reliability.
  • Cost Effective: Keeping a check on budget, its kept cost effective for clients.
  • WAN Acceleration: With better acceleration, you get high productivity and efficiency of data transmission.
  • Wireless Network Security: Designed to ensure high performance across all wireless devices.
  • Unified Threat Management: Secure and sophisticated threat management system to ensure filtering, prevention and control capabilities.
  • Next-Generation Firewall: combining intrusion prevention, application intelligence and SSL decryption and inspection.
  • Secure Communications: Assurance of security and protection of your communications across various networks
  • Secure Access: securing personal information, business contacts, and financial transactions by preventing access to malicious and harmful websites.

Providing these services at small, medium and large scale enterprises, we strive towards a security that has the potential to guarantee a growth of your business with a huge jump.