About Us

Micronet Computer System has been serving the IT industry since 1997. We are operational from Chandigarh and serve the people all over the globe. Our team believes in rendering the best quality services to our clients. We are a team of young professionals who dedicatedly provide the services in the hardware and software arena. Annual Maintenance Contracts is also one of the major services provided by us. IT services like Web Designing, Web Development, SEO and Networking has been our forte since years.

The major highlights of the services provided by us are as follows:

  • All types of Local Area Networks are designed and executed
  • For providing the best response, we have In House specialists for Element Level Repair of Add-on Cards, Motherboard etc
  • In Firm Data Recovery is done from Hard Disk Drives.
  • Services to all types of printers like repair and procurement
  • We arrange PC/PRINTER AMC’s (Comprehensive/Preventive)
  • Services for Facility Management
  • Updation is done once in a month for PM (Preventive Maintenance) & Virus Def.
  • Immediate stand by support given to system/peripherals
  • Breakdown time is reduced to a maximum of 24/48 hour.

We are “THE COMMITED FORCE” for constant and never ending improvement!

We are an inspired force which runs on the philosophy of instilling quality through commitment and improvisation. Our powerful and positively empowered team has set standards in the industry in providing the best sales and after sales service. Following the gesture of empathy, we always understand the needs and requirements of our customers and thus, we end always end up with a complete customer satisfaction.

We are passionate about listening to our customers and developing long term relationships of trust. Our experts believe in providing innovative solutions and peace of mind through our strong belief in Pride, Service and Workmanship.